Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies


Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies (AABS)
The Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies degree is a two-year program that combines a foundational liberal arts education with an introduction to biblical studies, Christian doctrine, and theology. The curriculum emphasizes Christian values as part of every course. A key focus is spiritual formation — developing a Christ-centered character that is visible through serving God and others.

The Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies (AABS) is for students who want to advance their study in biblical education. This Bible degree program is fashioned after the liberal arts tradition and can lead to future studies of the Bible and is a gateway to a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies.

The Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies (AABS) program, students learn the basic doctrines of the Christian faith and beliefs, including revelation, the Trinity, creation, reconciliation, and the church. Students investigate the interpretation and origin of the Old Testament and examine the content, message, and implications of the New Testament. Additionally, students are introduced to biblical languages and are taught about research tools to study biblical text.

The Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies (AABS) prepares you for various ministry positions, working in missions, and social service opportunities. This degree also assists the student with their own personal spiritual formation, which can better prepare you to serve in a ministry environment.

In addition, this associate degree provides a foundation for further career advancement and development if the student continues on to complete their Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies. All 60 credit hours from your MCU Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies degree may be applied to our Bachelor of Divinity or Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies. Once you complete your bachelor’s degree, you may even continue on to our Master of Arts in Christian Counseling, Master of Divinity or Master of Arts in Ministry program for more advanced career options.

Program Essentials
BIB 1201        Introduction to the Bible                                                          3
BIB 1202        Survey of the Old Testament                                                     3
BIB 1203        Survey of the New Testament                                                   3
HIS 1301        Historical Geography of Ancient Israel                                    3
CUS 1601       Ancient Near Eastern Backgrounds                                          3
CUS 1602       Second Temple Jewish Backgrounds                                        3
CED 1501       Foundations of Learning                                                          3
BIB 1204        The Story and Structure of the Bible                                       3
BIB 1205        Introduction to the Pentateuch                                               3
THE 1101       Introduction to Theology                                                        3
THE 1106       The New Testament Church                                                    3
BIB 1234        The Gospel of John                                                                 3
BIB 1235        The Book of Romans                                                               3
THE 1122       Introduction to Demonology                                                    3

                                                                                                            Total: 42

General Studies Requirements 1st Year
GSU 1110        English Composition I                                                            3
GSU 1212        Western Civilizations I                                                            3
GSU 1302        Introduction to Critical Thinking                                            3
                                                                                                            Total: 9

General Studies Requirements 2nd Year
GSU 1120        English Composition II                                                           3
GSU 1224        Western Civilizations I                                                            3
GSU 1301        Introduction to Psychology                                                    3
                                                                                                            Total: 9

                                                                                            Program Total: 60 credits